A courageous change

To Get the patient-centric lab a bit closer.

IBN HAYAN is a series of laboratories that provide top notch service using innovative solutions and patient-centric care methodologies.

So what was the challenge?
IBN Hayan needed a slight but crucial change in its visual identity for it to be readable, close and simple. And though the task might look easy, but it was doubtlessly a tricky mission.

The idea was to keep the curvy look that reflects friendliness and familiarity but with adding a bit of formality. Smart touches were made to increase the name’s readability and make it smooth to glimpse.

The goal was not to go for a radical shift to make the visual identity look closer but rather a simple correction to capitalise on the logo’s familiarity even more.

Working with IBN Hayan since 2012, our original strategy was to create a patient-centric space that feels like home. A sharp brand that uses innovative methodologies to provide world class service that guarantees accuracy and beyond. The whole thing was about the experience and the visual identity came to support that. And with the new adjustments we added, we believe the brand’s look is clearer and its messages can be absorbed smoothly.

“Our work with Artiology was seamless. From Creating the brand identity and character to establishing the brand values and overall strategy.
For me it was much more than a brand creation. I truly recommend this agency.”

Dr. Nesma TalawyC.E.O