commodity exporter no more.

The Story of a radical change!

Nile Sons Egypt (NSE) is a natural stone exporting company based in Egypt with more than 10 years of experience.

Our mission was to start an absolute reshape to every single element starting from the company’s strategy and to its visual identity and communication means. Radical change was needed, and with courage, we went for it.

After adjusting the strategy, we started to draw the brand’s character. As a manufacturer and exporter of marble and granite, it was best to introduce it as a sharp, professional, very artistic, and committed entity.

Bold moves were taken supported by the owner’s willingness to change and the challenging process started. The best thing about it was the trust we were granted which allowed us to go faster and do things creatively.

We positioned the brand based on three pillars; quality, commitment, and design. We had to change the common thinking of looking at the Egyptian marble as a commodity and to add unique value to it. To be more than a piece of stone, but rather a piece of art.

The edgy frame of the logo served the main purpose perfectly showing the sharp side of the company and its plants, also the chosen color came as a great supporter carrying the meaning of the name and aligning it with the industry trends. Then came the website that beautifully reflected all the main messages we needed to communicate and it gave the brand the needed lift.

In only 8 months and by following a very careful brand strategy we succeeded at achieving our main objective of moving the brand to be positioned as the second trusted marble exporter in Egypt, capitalising on the new strategy and brand image, the business development team of the company was able to easily approach bigger clients in more advanced markets.

Mission was accomplished perfectly!

“It was fascinating to live the experience of watching your business being analysed, repositioned, and then transformed before your eyes. It was a magnificent journey with Artiology that will continue.”

Eng. Khaled FaroukC.E.O