The Making Of

kid & mom character enhancing kindergarten

La Garderie is the place that shapes your kid’s future. It’s a family space that provides kids with care, love, freedom and gets them involved in the education process.

Working on the project’s strategy we needed to create a kindergarten that’s not only about nursing kids sincerely by highly trained professionals, but also the one that develops their characters for healthier relations and stronger bonds using customized programs and activities that fit each kid’ personality traits.

It was very exciting to start working on La Garderie for many reasons and the brilliant owners with their beautiful mindset came at the top of them. They’re just so keen to make a change the way your kid is being educated and taking care of, and they kept the challenge on.

In our early sessions shaping La Garderie’ positioning, we needed to introduce a whole new concept that answers to parents’ frequent concerns dealing with ordinary kindergartens. Not only by taking on critical challenges like hygiene and infection by applying very solid policies and infection control measures, but also by coming up with a state of the art teaching methodology that has kid’s character in its heart and gives them the needed space to discover, grow, and evolve.

The name was a critical step as we needed a classy, playful, and simple name to reflect the whole concept. And Yes, we decided to go with a French name. Why? Well, It portrays the three mentioned elements perfectly, and also as the kindergarten has got French as a mandatory second language besides English, it all came together and made a lot of sense.

Working on the visual identity we needed to stress on the character, and what would reflect it better than the face. The objective was to come up with an inspiring face that’s smart, confident and happy. The only challenge was that the kindergarten accepts kids from 3 months to 4 years and we needed to sketch a face that doesn’t portray a certain age. After many sketches, we believe we nailed it.

Regarding the branding colours and after a thorough analysis we decided to go for cheerful shades of the sky blue and banana yellow. The two colours are energising and represent diversity and confidence. When the colours were applied in the kindergarten’s space we were all speechless, they worked just right. When parents visited the space they were mesmerised, which was pretty much the feeling we were after.

We’re really glad that things worked the way they were intended to, and we’re continuing our journey together for more success to come.

“Artiology, we are delighted to be working with such creative and energised agency that helped us achieve our branding goals.
The naming, designs, and strategic direction were both relevant and unique and helped to position our brand correctly since day one.
Thank you!”

Mr. Marawan MostafaC.E.O